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Study Tips

Use 6 Ways to Eliminate Distractions While Writing a Paper

Tweet There is no parent to nag you until the project is complete, and previous teachers who monitored your every step are no longer looking over your shoulder. It is

Career Planning

How to Use Your Artistic Talents to Sculpt Your Career

Tweet In almost every case, an aspiring artist who wishes to have a career in the arts will achieve far more financial success and career stability by attending a reputable

Career Planning

Top 5 Dream Career Opportunities for Sports Fans

Tweet There are lots of opportunities available to work in the world of sports, so there is no reason to turn away from your passion. Below are five dream career

Career Planning

Benefits of a Degree in Diplomacy

Tweet However, it is also becoming increasingly important that those in the business world, even those focused solely on domestic markets, dominate this important skill. What is Diplomacy? Diplomacy is

Campus News

The Value of Community Involvement in College

Tweet Therefore, it is of small wonder that many students beginning their first year of college place unrealistic expectations on their academic performance, resulting in a loss of interest in

Student Health

4 Vaccines Every Student Should Get, Even the Uninsured and Underinsured

Tweet The fact that you’re in a college setting actually makes you more at risk of contracting various diseases and viruses—after all, you’re surrounded by thousands of potentially sick students

Personal Advice

Decisions, Decisions: How to Update Your College Habits

Tweet In fact, there are several specific habits that you need to change as you begin the next chapter of your life. Injecting some new habits into your every day


10 Tech Based College Success Tips

Tweet Many of today’s college students are tech savvy enough to get by but other will need a little guidance while they enter into the tech jungle known as modern

Credit Cards

School’s In Session: Credit Cards Are Going Social & College Students Need to Make Friends With Them Fast

Tweet The odds point to your answers being “a lot” and “yes,” and credit card companies know it.  That’s why the Internet, and social media in particular, is the next


Do You Have to Have the Latest Smartphone?

Tweet From excellent mobile browsing to easy email access, smartphones are becoming our one-stop-devices for staying in touch and on the ball nowadays. The step up from a non-smartphone to