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NCAA Football

Maryland, Rutgers Make the Move to Greener Pastures

Tweet The newly expanded conference will keep its name and will span from the middle of the country to the shores of the Atlantic for the first time. Terrapin Exit

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New Bowl Games Might Bolster College Football

Tweet The changing face of college sports. There has been much talk in recent months that college football, particularly the Football Bowl Series level, will be changing the way that

NCAA Basketball

College Rankings? Mostly Meaningless Right Now.

Tweet College basketball is in full swing, but most schools have yet to begin conference play. That’s because teams play upwards of 14 games before getting in 16 regular season

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College Football Continues to be Overshadowed by Change

Tweet The 2011 college football season will go down as one that has been overshadowed by change. And, not change that has taken place on the gridiron. Just this past

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College Football Week 5: All a Twitter

Tweet Conference shake ups offer a distraction. Most college football teams have completed their first four weeks of play and have one-third of their games now behind them. October is

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It’s A Wrap: 2010 College Football Season Ends With A Bang

Tweet The college football season ended in dramatic fashion the moment Wes Byrum’s field goal sailed through the uprights with no time left Monday night. Auburn beat Oregon for the

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College Basketball News & Notes

Tweet The college basketball season is in full swing, with the first month of play around behind us. Traditionally, we’ve waited until the first of the year to follow the

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College Football Midseason Recap

Tweet We are at the halfway point of the college football season, when all of the schools have at least six games behind them with six regular season games to

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College Football Trends & Tribulations

Tweet The college football season is still very young, with most teams having two games under their belts with at least ten more to follow. We’ve already seen some very

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Analysis: Longhorns Derail Expansion Train

Tweet It’s over. The Texas Longhorns have done what no other university could possibly do: stop the runaway conference expansion train. By dismissing its most ardent suitor, the PAC 10

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Conference Realignment: New Midwestern Conference Could Emerge

Tweet Forget for just for a moment that the PAC 10 is likely to expand to sixteen teams or that the Big Ten isn’t about to settle for Nebraska without

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Best Football Conference? SEC, of Course.

Tweet Beyond the SEC, which conference rules? When it comes to men’s basketball, the Atlantic Coast Conference and Big East Conference typically produce the top teams year in and year