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Study Abroad

5 Reasons Why College Students Should Study Abroad

When you are ready for college, you can either study abroad or you can opt for a local university. You can choose to stay in the city where you were born or you may travel to another city or to another state to choose the university that you prefer.

Campus News

Publisher Will Drop Lawsuit Against University Librarian

A chill wind will sometimes blow, one that challenges freedom of speech. When not countered by outrage and protest, such winds have a habit of spreading and growing, making it even more difficult for people to speak out in the future.

Advanced Education

How to Prepare for Graduate School in Canada

Tweet Besides, many universities have highly competitive programs and the students that are sufficiently prepared may have an edge over those that are not. Whether you are a Canadian citizen

Campus News

University of Ottawa Counters Free Speech Criticism

Tweet Ann Coulter Event Canceled Due To Safety Concerns Free speech has pretty much been a one way street on college campuses across the United States of America for the

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US College Students Head North In Record Numbers

Tweet Canada is becoming an increasingly important destination for college bound students in the United States. Although operating just 94 public universities across Canada (compared to $2500+ in the US),

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Dorm Room Stays Offer A Cheap Hotel Alternative

Tweet Traveling is getting expensive thanks to rising fuel and food costs, forcing many travelers to reconsider their plans and look for cheaper options as they hit the road. One