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Free Community College for Tennessee Students?

A handful of states provide free community college to some students with the provision that they graduate from high school with high grades. In Tennessee, high school students regardless of grade point average may be admitted to the Volunteer State’s community colleges for free if a proposal from Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam gains approval and becomes law.


What Happens to Excess Pell Grant Money

Tweet The maximum amount of money awarded currently is $5,550 per academic year, an amount that may be over and above what it costs some students to attend college. Excess

College Budgeting

College’s Hidden Costs Loom Large

Tweet College costs fluctuate and are largely dependent upon student aid. However, there are many fees involved which are not negotiable, expenses such as the following which can add up:

College Budgeting

Do You Know Your College’s Sticker Price?

Tweet We’ve discussed college costs extensively on these pages, offering tips on how students and their familes can beat the high cost of college.[1] The so-called “sticker price” – which

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UCLA Students Face Massive 32 Percent Fee Hike

Tweet The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has approved a massive 32% fee hike that will add $2500 to the cost of education, pushing tuition above the $10,000

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What You Should Know About Distant Learning

Tweet Distant learning has been in place for generations, first known as “mail correspondence schools” before largely giving way to much more sophisticated university learning. I recall those days when

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California Students Protest Spending Cuts

Tweet This past Monday, approximately 2000 students protested across the state of California against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s call for a 10% across-the-board reduction in state spending, an effort he says

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How Expensive Is Your College?

Tweet If you are in college or planning to attend college in the next year or two, then you are probably aware just how expensive higher education has become. Even