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Do You Meet the Minimum Requirements for College?

Tweet Quite easily, you may meet the minimum requirements for some colleges and miss out for others. Every college has admissions requirements, even if they are touted as “open admissions”

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How to Write a Winning College Term Paper

Tweet Your paper must be in-depth, cite the appropriate sources, offer your insight and be plagiarism-free. These days, with so much information easily available online, the plagiarism part must be

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12 Foundational Tips for College Freshmen

Tweet You can and will succeed at college if you want to. How is college working out for you? If you’re new to the college scene, that is you’re a

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The Average Salary of Elementary Education Teachers

Tweet Where the jobs are! As of 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 1.66 million people are employed as kindergarten and elementary school teachers. Moreover, the job


How to Write an Effective College Term Paper

Tweet By following a careful “system” for writing your term paper, you can ensure that it will receive the best possible grade, aiding your overall grade as well. 1. Pick

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Your 14-Step College Planning Guide

Tweet You will also begin to consider colleges, a decision that you may finalize early in your senior year. The college planning process will begin once you finish your sophomore

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How to Make the Most of College Freshman Orientation

Tweet Your first week at college. Your college friends will include people in your dorm, but take advantage of your college freshman orientation to meet more people and to enjoy

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Time Management for College Students

Tweet If you thought that high school time management was a challenge, you’ll soon realize that college life can be even more complex. You can reduce your personal stress and

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7 College Myths Debunked

Tweet At SayCampusLife we’ve heard our share of tails about college, including the following seven we will debunk here. 1. Choose the most prestigious college that fits you. The more

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5 Things for College Students to do This Summer

Tweet Well, you can be productive this summer and get some things done without your parents assigning projects to you to keep you busy. Read on for some tips on

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The Average Salary of Urban Planners

Tweet Where the jobs are! Such professionals go by many different names including city planner, zoning director, community development manager and airport planner. Planners typically have at least a bachelor’s


Is A College Minor Important?

Tweet Academically speaking, where does a college minor fit in? That may be hard to say, but your college minor can allow you to take classes for something that is