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Career Planning

Career Choice: Chef

Tweet Chefs receive training on the job, but many choose to attend a culinary arts program at a community or technical college. Some schools offer four-year degrees in food science

Career Planning

Career Choice: Dentist

Tweet Dentists conduct preventive care and may fit patients with dental appliances. Every state requires dentists to be licensed, a far cry from the day when barbers routinely pulled teeth.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Library Technicians

Tweet Library technicians are also known as indexers and are comprised of people who work as editors, abstractors, data searchers and database producers, according to the American Society for Indexing,

Campus News

Survey Says: College Still Worth It

Tweet College Board survey offers a ringing endorsement for postsecondary education. However, that would be the wrong conclusion to draw based on the results of a College Board survey which

Career Planning

Career Choice: Editor

Tweet Other areas include working as a web writer, as a book author or as a technical writer. For writers who are excellent spellers, who can grasp grammatical rules and


Improving Education With Technology

Tweet Education is big business. Whether you are a parent of teenagers attending high school, teacher at your local elementary school or president of a university, it’s your job to

Campus News

Is Personal Fulfillment Your Career Priority?

Tweet Fame and money are not the most important pursuits for today’s future workers, however. High school and college students may be looking for something else, namely personal fulfillment. A


Rotten Tomatoes: Shadowy Scholar Tells All

Tweet If you aren’t familiar with “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” then you are missing out on a spectacular educational website. This site provides excellent information about higher education in


Can I Get a Job With an Online MBA?

Tweet By Philip A. Rudy You are ready for a change  — you are sick of your daily grind and need something new and refreshing in your life. Maybe you

Campus News

Community Colleges White House Summit Scheduled

Tweet Dr. Jill Biden, wife of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, will be hosting a Summit on Community Colleges on October 5, 2010. This first-ever event comes at the request

Book Reviews

Book Review: Debt-Free U

Tweet Tackling the college cost conundrum A UMass senior believes families are needlessly taking on too much debt in hopes of giving their adult children a head start in life.


Return to School at Any Age

Tweet By Kyle Simpson Just because you’ve found yourself living in the winter of your discontent doesn’t mean it’s too late to return to school. In fact, just the opposite