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Career Planning

Career Choice: Software Developer

Systems-level software developers remain in great demand, individuals skilled at creating, designing and testing software for a variety of computer application purposes.

Career Planning

Fastest Growing Occupations, College Degree or Not

The two fastest growing occupations are expected to see an approximate 70 percent increase in jobs from 2010 to 2020, but neither one requires a college education.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Tutor

There are classroom educators and there are non-classroom educators. The first group is known as teachers, the second group is known as tutors.


Background Check: Bachelor Degree Verification

In a tight job market, candidates may be asked to possess something that they did not need to have just five or 10 years ago: a bachelor’s degree. Numerous jobs, from file clerks to dental hygienists, may now require a four-year degree at some companies.

Campus News

Census Study Reveals Employment Trends for Working Students

Tweet Most college students do work while attending college. Students that work their way through college are nothing new. Perhaps a bit surprising is that nearly three-quarters of all college

Personal Advice

How to Balance Work and Your College Education

Tweet This educational approach, of course, takes longer than attending college full-time. But, it often gives students that must work the opportunity to further themselves in a very competitive job

Career Planning

15 Career Tips for College Students

Tweet Some of the tools you acquire during your college years can serve you well later on, but only if you understand how best to take advantage of them. The

Career Planning

Look Now for Your Summer Job

Tweet The days or weeks before the spring semester begins can be the best time to look for work, including internships that you might undertake. College student summer jobs can

Fun News

Christmas Break Jobs for College Students

Tweet If your time off allows you to seek employment, the calendar can work in your favor. Temporary jobs are available — you just need to know where to look

Career Planning

How to Approach Your College Job Event

Tweet Read on and we will examine the best approach for you to take as you prepare for and attend a college job fair. 1. Write your resume. You will

Personal Advice

Top On-Campus Jobs for Your Consideration

Tweet There are many jobs for your consideration, with some just steps away from your dorm room. We shall take a look at various places around campus where you might

Campus News

Underemployed or Unemployed? You Are in Good Company.

Tweet Class of 2012 is having a tough time finding jobs survey reveals. These findings are the result of an analysis of government data conducted for the Associated Press and