What College Seniors Must Do To Land A Job


If you’re a college senior and planning to graduate school over the next several weeks, then you fully understand how difficult the job market is right now. If you were fortunate to have landed a job already, then you’re in a much better position than most of your peers. If you haven’t gotten hired yet, then you need to redouble your efforts in order to secure employment.

college studentArt Taguding, who is the Executive Director of Career Headquarters at Stevenson University near Baltimore, Maryland said the following about this year’s crop of grads: “The casual approach that students exercised in the past is no longer effective — they need to have a sense of urgency and get a head start on their career search before they graduate.”

Toss Facebook For LinkedIn

Taguding pulls no punches with college seniors urging them to make good use of their time. This includes dumping all-encompassing Facebook for a better job search strategy: LinkedIn. In all, he outlines five points that every young jobseeker should take into consideration when looking for work:

1. Ditch Facebook, get LinkedIn. Develop a network of contacts that can open doors for you. Those doors can quickly slam shut when you post your appearance in College Kids Gone Wild Part 10 on your social networking page. As a graduate, think professional networking — not just social. Sign up for LinkedIn and get your parents to link your
career-focused message to their contacts who might be hiring. In turn, ask them to transfer your message to their contacts, professionally networking the VIRAL WAY.

2. Make finding a job a daily routine. Opportunity no longer knocks — you have to seek it. Develop and execute a regular, organized routine of job searching, sending resumes, and follow-up communications with potential employers.

3. Talk to your family to start networking. Don’t dismiss the older generations. Your parents, family friends, and neighbors believe in your potential and future success. When made aware of your career goals, talents, and job search, they can network for you within their own professional circles.

4. Practice interviewing. Like, have you heard yourself talk, dude? First impressions count. Your ability to articulate your experience and professional goals intelligently counts even more. Always make your first impression a positive one. Practice answering commonly asked interview questions. Role-play with family, friends, or a career counselor to get into the habit of interviewing.

5. Highlight beyond-the-classroom experiences that prepare you for work. Today’s recruiters look for the collegiate experiences that have shaped you as a new, emerging professional. Internships, study abroad, service learning, and student leadership roles provide an experiential education and preparation for the world of work. Be prepared to
articulate the value of your outside-the-classroom learning.

What About Twitter?

Taguding makes no mention about using Twitter along with LinkedIn, but I can understand why: in a crowded room full of tweets, your message could become obscured even misread. Instead, focus on LinkedIn for your job search. You can always tweet about other matters separately!

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