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Bubble Watch: You Pick ‘Em!

Tweet The men’s college basketball season is white hot, with teams jockeying for position as they finish up the regular season and prepare to enter their respective conference tournaments. A

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

College Basketball? Too Early For That!

Tweet Does anyone else believe that the college basketball season is starting much too early? To my surprise, the first games got underway a week ago – November 9th to

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Moseying Down To The Sweet Sixteen

Tweet As expected, the opening weekend of the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament produced a lot of excitement, a handful of upsets and some good stories to take away from

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

The Science Of Your NCAA Picks

Tweet The President Announces His Picks President Obama took his turn to make NCAA men’s picks last week, demonstrating just how pervasive this practice really is. Besides the fact that

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Georgia Tech Professors Choose Tourney Favs

Tweet What in the world are some college professors up to? Not class prep, that is for sure! Three professors at Georgia Tech have devised a computer program they have

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

On the Cusp of March Madness!

Tweet The most important time of the year in the men’s college basketball season is almost upon us, March Madness, the month long countdown to the Final Four. For some

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Last Ten — Say Again?

Tweet Men’s college basketball, particularly on the Division 1 level is a peculiar beast with 360 teams playing at that level. At the end of the season, each squad with

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Hanging A “W” On NJIT

Tweet New Jersey College Ends 51 Game Losing Streak Imagine if you are a basketball player and your team is in the middle of a long losing streak. You know

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Swish! UConn Is The New Number One!

Tweet The men’s college basketball season is in the heat of conference races, with most teams having already completed the first half of their conference schedules. February is traditionally the

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Are You Ready For Some Basketball?

Tweet The men’s (and women’s) college basketball season is just getting underway, a season that starts early, but really doesn’t start to get going until after the New Year. Men’s

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

A New Trend For BB Players: Skip College?

Tweet Not very often a basketball player comes along who is in his senior year of high school and is demonstrating that he has what it takes to play on

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Men’s Basketball – Who Is Best?

Tweet I haven’t been paying that much attention to NCAA men’s basketball much this year, although two local teams — Duke and North Carolina — are doing quite well, but