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5 Steps to Protect Your Social Profiles From Identity Theft

Tweet By John Phillips But, not all of our friends are psychologists who are sworn to secrecy about those intimate details of our lives.  Most people don’t even know who

Social Networking

Social Media Rules The Internet

Tweet By Claire Jarrett On one episode of her popular reality show, comedian Kathy Griffin put her elderly mother in charge of answering questions on Kathy’s social media websites. It

Fun News Social Networking Technology

MySpace Seeks to Capitalize on Facebook Discontent

Tweet New privacy settings rolling out in coming weeks. Earlier this week, we reported that a group of New York University students were working at building Diaspora, a social networking

Social Networking Technology

15 Way Cool Social Networking Sites You Never Heard Of

Tweet MySpace is so 2003 while Twitter remains a mystery for most college students. As for Facebook, have you tired of a site where people you barely know send you

Fun News

7 Twitter Tips For College Students

Tweet When it comes to social media sites, Facebook rules. Founded in 2004 by a Harvard University student, the mega media site now boasts more than 300 million users worldwide,

Education Tips

College Applicants And Admissions Officers Facebook Friending

Tweet You have to admire prospective college students for thinking outside of the box when it comes to applying for college. It seems that quite a few students have discovered

Career Planning

Relaunch Your Stalled Out Career Aspirations!

Tweet New grads are setting out on launching their careers, but they’ll soon find themselves coming across another group of people – grads who left school in December or the

Fun News

Social Networking, USC Style

Tweet There are well over 100 major social network sites on the internet, with tens of thousands of additional sites, forums, and community cafes. It isn’t that difficult to understand

Campus News

College Newspapers: A Dying Breed?

Tweet Today’s students prefer to read what they want online.  Way back during the days when I attended college, the student newspaper was a hot mover. Everyone knew where they