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NCAA Basketball

3 Amazing Battles Coming Your Way in the 2019 NCAA Basketball Series!

Tweet For instance, back in 2018, Caleb Martin traded buckets with Marques Townes in a heated match between Nevada and Loyola Chicago. In fact, most of us who love and

Collegiate Sports

4 Main Reasons why American College Athletes Should be Compensated

Besides academics, athletics is another part of college life we shouldn’t ignore. Why..? Just look at how many adults outside colleges also show high interest in college games.

NCAA Basketball

March Madness: Who will Reign Supreme?

After Friday’s history-making upset, you know these games can go in a ton of expected ways. With Jairus Lyles dominating the court with 28 points, the no. 16 UMBC Retrievers triumphed over no. 1 Virginia, 74 – 54.

NCAA Football

College Football – The Heisman Effort

Tweet I’m not sure how to describe the aggravation I feel about this years Heisman trophy winner. Did Derrick Henry perform, and achieve to his utmost athletic caliber? There’s no

Collegiate Sports

The Institutions Behind America’s Collegiate Sports Success

Tweet Introduction The American collegiate sports system is by far the most advanced and effective throughout the world. This feat has been accomplished mainly by the interplay and contributions of

NCAA Basketball

Mens’ Basketball Postseason Tournaments: Beyond the NCAA

College basketball is big business for men’s and women’s teams alike. While the women may participate in the NCAA or NIT during the postseason, the men have two additional tournaments to engage in: the College Basketball Invitational and the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament.

NCAA Football

NCAA Opens a New Chapter in Conference Autonomy

Conference autonomy has arrived or at least what passes for it. Specifically, the NCAA has allowed the Power 5 conferences — ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC — to set their own rules.

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Poll Demonstrates Concern For Collegiate Sports and Academic Balance

A Monmouth University Poll revealed that two-thirds of Americans believe that universities are placing too much emphasis on their sports programs. The poll, conducted by this West Long Branch, New Jersey, university was accomplished just before the first ever Division I college football championship game.

Campus News

Student Athlete Graduation Rate Improves

Worries that students who attend college on an athletic scholarship may never complete their education is a concern.

NCAA Football

Big Five Conferences to Receive NCAA Autonomy

Five of the largest Division I conferences will soon receive the autonomy that they have wanted.

NCAA Football

NCAA Head Injury Fund is a Start

The National Football League (NFL) has had its own publicity battle regarding concussions. Professional football has been thrust into the limelight numerous times over the past several years for its handling of the issue. An expensive legal settlement is pending.

NCAA Football

This Summer Week in College Football

Just four weeks from now the 2014 college football season will be underway.