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How to Ace a Last Minute Assignment

For whatever reason, you have either put off an assignment to the last minute or your professor has suddenly sprung a paper on you with little time to lose.

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How to Write a Winning College Term Paper

Tweet Your paper must be in-depth, cite the appropriate sources, offer your insight and be plagiarism-free. These days, with so much information easily available online, the plagiarism part must be

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College Cheating: How Widespread is it?

Tweet Cheating is a way of life for some students. What’s more, with the pressure to succeed being an enormous one, many students may be justifying what they do in


Rotten Tomatoes: Shadowy Scholar Tells All

Tweet If you aren’t familiar with “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” then you are missing out on a spectacular educational website. This site provides excellent information about higher education in

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Is Cheating Really A Big Deal?

Tweet College students cheat, they always have and they always will. At least that is the thinking for some people including students who regularly cheat and professors who routinely look

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Caught Red-Handed: Plagiarism Checkers Really Work

Tweet That essay you’ve been working on looks and sounds really nice. You’ve put together a convincing report, have checked your spelling and grammar, and you’ve cited multiple sources. Unfortunately

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Fired Columbia Prof Back In The News

Tweet It was a scandal first reported in February 2008: a Columbia University professor was under investigation for plagiarism as well as for hatching an alleged racial incidence whereby she

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Columbia Prof In Plagiarism Scandal

Tweet Columbia University has sanctioned a psychology/education professor for plagiarism in a scandal that was aired last week on CNN. The professor, Madonna Constantine, was not dismissed although the university