School Supplies You’ll Need To Bring to College

School Supplies You’ll Need To Bring to College
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    Explore this list of school supplies you'll need to bring to college to ensure you have everything you’ll need to have a successful first year.


Are you an incoming freshman ready to head off to pursue your education? Check out the school supplies you’ll need to bring to college so you’re prepared for the first day.


Every college will have public printers available for use, whether in the library or even a public space in your building. However, these printers can be unreliable, as they’re often out of order or backed up with a line of other students who need to use the printers. Not to mention, these printers sometimes charge for printing per page.

That’s why students should have a personal printer. Even in the modern digital era, there are bound to be projects that will require a printer, so it’s better to just get one now so you can reap the benefits of it for the next four years.

Standard Stationery Supplies

Highlighters. Pens. Pencils. Erasers. Glue. Correction fluid. Sticky notes. Paper. Binders. Folders. There are some school supplies you never grow out of, and a lot of the things you needed on the first day of school since kindergarten will be things you’ll still need in college.

Think of all the papers you’ll write and books you’ll annotate. Every project and class you attend will require basic stationery supplies, so stock up when shopping.


Remember the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle is the only one without a laptop in class? Technology has become an integral part of education, and since the beginning of the pandemic, we have relied on it as a classroom as well. The modern student seeking an undergraduate education must have a laptop, tablet, or other comparable technology for lessons.


Even if you’re going to a liberal arts school where you’re getting a dance degree, chances are you’ll have to take at least one or two STEM classes. Most students will have to take multiple high-level STEM classes to finish their degree.

Due to the high price of graphing calculators, many high schools now loan students graphing calculators, but universities don’t typically supply students with them. You’ll need a graphing calculator of your own for any students taking challenging classes such as Calculus 101.

Scientific Notebook and Graphing Paper

Also, for STEM students, you’ll need some specifically formatted papers for organizing your notes and lab findings. You’ll record most labs on paper and convert them to digital documents later, so you must have a designed place to record your notations correctly.

When looking to buy a scientific notebook, you’ll have to decide if you want one with graphing paper, lines, or a blank space that you can format how you see fit. However, you’ll still need graphing paper to build accurate tables.

The first year of college can be nerve-wracking, but to calm those fears as much as possible, you can make sure you’re prepared with these school supplies you’ll need to bring to college.

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