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Tips For Selecting the Right Career After Graduating

Do you really know yourself? Do you want to find a job that you will enjoy and that suits your personality and needs? If so, that’s great.

College Living

Top 5 Life Skills to Learn in College

For most of us, college is all about taking courses and learning how to succeed in our future jobs. But there are some life skills that aren’t learned by sitting behind a desk or by reading textbooks.

College Living

5 Useful Job Skills You Learn While In College

There are some things you will learn in school that you will use for the rest of your life. Maybe it’s not things you learn from a class you take.

Career Planning

3 Step Career Planning Strategy: Self-Mastery

Career planning pertains to a continuous process of discovering your interests and skills, exploring your strengths and weaknesses, and ensuring the career you choose best fits your personality.

Campus News

Low-Skilled Jobs and the College Graduate

As tassels are being turned on mortarboards across the nation this spring, many college students are finding that their job prospects are not particularly good.

Career Planning

Finding Work Months After College Graduation

It is a fact that college graduates are finding it difficult to launch their careers. Despite officially lower unemployment numbers, record numbers of Americans are not in the workforce. Moreover, job growth is weak with the best growth occurring in the service sector.

Personal Advice

Preparing for College: What Skills Are Universities Looking For?

Tweet By Jayme Stewart Students across the country are facing the prospect of a limited job market upon their entrance into the workforce. For this reason, the competition is more

Career Planning

Portfolio Management Software, Technomenclature, B2B… Pardon?

Tweet By Megan Clayton But it’s not only the jargon that you will need to worry about. With all the talk about jobless graduates, the pressure really is on in

Campus News College Training

Colleges Fail to Teach Entrepreneurial Skills Poll Finds

Tweet That May 2011 released survey, which focused upon entrepreneurism and education, noted that traditional teaching methods don’t equip students to launch start-up operations later on. Formidable Global Competition Small

Career Planning

Unique Ways to Find Internships

Tweet By JC Ryan Internships are not awarded to wallflowers. Waiting for an invitation or an opportunity may well cause stagnation and a poor impression in your field of endeavor.