Temp Employment May Be Grad’s Best Option


You’ve just received your degree, completing four years of mind bending studying to reach your goal. Before starting college, things looked so very promising, the prospects for a career in your field of study were quite good. But, with a degree in one hand you are missing something that should be in your other hand — a job offer.

Suddenly, The Job Picture Dimmed

college gradYes, this year’s crop of college graduates is stepping out into a world that is quite different from the one they thought they were seeing on the horizon just a few years ago. No longer are jobs plentiful nor are the choices easy to make. Some students are punting on that decision, choosing to stay in college for two more years to secure a master’s degree in hopes that things will have improved by May 2011. Maybe you’ve considered that option yourself, but for most students that simply isn’t a choice they can live with — they need to get their career in motion as soon as possible.

Without a job offer in hand, what should you do? That probably depends on what resources you have to sustain you in the coming months. If you’re able to live under your parent’s room without needing to contribute financially to your household, then the pressure to get work now isn’t as urgent — you can still send out resumes, build your network and hone in on what is available.

For everyone else, waiting isn’t an option — you need money ASAP and are willing to explore options beyond your career field. Specifically, you’ve entertained the option of taking on temporary work, but wonder if your prospects are any good.

The Wisdom Of Securing Temporary Employment

Human Resource experts seem to agree that temporary employment can be a good way to go as that option allows employees to “test drive” a job while giving companies the chance to see how well an employee works out without committing to something permanent. Moreover, as companies see their business pick up, they’re more likely to supplement their permanent workforce with temporary employees until they’re certain that the recovery has taken hold.

For good temporary workers already on the job, they can quickly upgrade their work status if and when permanent employment is offered to them. Sometimes companies will honor their temporary time when it comes to setting a hiring date which can mean employees would be eligible for certain benefits sooner including 401(k) match, health care, vacation time, etc.

Tracking The Temporary Hiring Index

Grads who want to know what their temp prospects are can click on the American Staffing Association website to get a complete run down on statistics regarding hiring trends. Of course, where you live can make all of the difference so acquaint yourself with as many temporary placement firms as possible to increase the chances that you’ll find work and soon!

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