Technology, Higher Education and You

Technology, Higher Education and You
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    Technology has had a profound effect on society, connecting people like never before.

    In the education sector instructors and students alike have benefited, with access to schooling one result.


As a college student, you can benefit from modern technologies to learn as well as to expand your mind.

Distance Education

Geographical barriers to higher education have fallen as the Internet connects people from across the world. No longer must you get in your car or take a bus or a subway to a college campus. Instead, you can sign up for classes and take these online.

Not all courses and classes are available online, but there are majors offering Internet access, demonstrating that the future of distance education looks bright. In fact, brick and mortar schools must rethink how they will reach students in the coming years to remain competitive.

Global Reach

Just as Americans can classes online, students from all around the world can do the same. Where such students may have been constrained by national boundaries, ethnic differences and political challenges, these same students are able to connect online.

Globalization also means that students everywhere can exchange ideas and consider other cultural perspectives. Though local differences remain, the common thrust to acquire knowledge and use that for both personal and global betterment is an important factor.

Online Seminars

The Internet has made it possible for everyone to enjoy continuous learning. One way that this is accomplished is through web seminars, classes that are live streamed as well as taped and disseminated as a podcast.

Web seminars help college students connect with experts that they might otherwise not meet. It gives them access to knowledge without having to spend hours locating and retrieving same.

Internet Research

How many times have you spent hours researching something only to find that periodical is missing or you are unable to verify that information? Much of the legwork college students were forced to do in generations past has been shortened tremendously, thanks to the Internet.

Google Scholar makes it easy for students to find peer reviewed and other scholarly work. College students can search for articles or case law, accessing information within moments. Entire libraries are now online with books, articles, microfiche and other works readily accessible.

Education Advantages

Having access to information online has been tremendously beneficial to a generation of college students. Far more information including educational games can also be found, reaching to the youngest among us. Just how far technology will take us is still not known, but it has already transformed societies and will likely revolutionize the world.

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