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Technology, Higher Education and You

Technology has had a profound effect on society, connecting people like never before. In the education sector instructors and students alike have benefited, with access to schooling one result.


College Majors and College Minors

At some point while attending college you will have to declare your major. This can happen early in your freshman year, but usually no later before the end of your sophomore year.


College Schedule Tips and Tricks

College students often experience anxiety while working on their class schedules. Some classes are offered only at certain times of the year while many classes require students to complete prerequisites before signing up.

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Time Management: Homework and Employment

It is almost a given that if you’re a college student, you’ll be working too. Probably not full-time, maybe part-time, but most certainly at least some of the time. If you’re fortunate, your employer doesn’t require much of your time during the week, with the weekends when you’re putting in your most work time.

Online Education

Should You Take Online College Courses?

Students seeking to advance their education have numerous options available to them including public and private colleges and universities, two-year programs and online schools.

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College Sophomores: What to Consider

You did it! You made it through your first year of college and are returning this fall to advance your education.


How to Improve Your Grade Point Average

Tweet Still, even if you are nearing the end of your undergraduate studies there are ways you can improve your GPA effectively. 1. Repeat the course. That “D” grade you


What are the Benefits of a Small College Class?

Tweet Large, public universities are more apt to offer such classes, something that is simply unheard of with small, private colleges. There are advantages, though, to college classes that are


Is College Too Much Fun?

Tweet College students may find themselves balancing a number of interests including classroom time, studying, work and fun. All studying and no fun makes for a very dull college student.

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4 Smart Tips for Successful Online Learning

Tweet If you are considering online learning, the following advice can help you get started. 1. School choice and academic program — Just as you would with a brick and

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4 Ways to a Better College Experience

Tweet Likely, not a few students would have stayed put if they put into practice several essentials that when applied together can lead to college success. There are a number


How College Concentration Courses Work

Tweet Majors, minors and college concentrations! College Concentrations Some colleges dispense with the idea of a college minor. Instead, students take a college major and then choose an area of