How to Master Your Final Exams

How to Master Your Final Exams
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    In the coming weeks you will be preparing for your final exams.

    Like many students, you may find yourself cramming during the days leading up to your finals in a bid to acquire and remember knowledge that can benefit you.


But there is a better way to study, one that will help you master your final exams and retain information for the long run.

1. Study in increments. You may think that cramming your studies by spending hours learning is the best way to go. Actually, it is not. You can benefit from studying by doing so incrementally. This means studying for 30 to 45 minutes, taking a short break, then returning to your studying. You will find that this practice, especially if handled in the days leading up to your final exam, will benefit you the most.

2. Study in different places. Do you have a favorite study place? That can be beneficial but it also may be too familiar to you. You may find that you do a better job at studying by dividing up the places where you study, including the library, student center, an empty class room or other location.

3. Study with others. Clearly, you can benefit by studying with others, particularly those that are in your classes. By forming a study group, students can share their class notes, discuss what they have learned and share what concepts have helped them. Meet only with those students who are serious about their academic pursuits.

4. Above all, keep calm. It is critical that you remain calm when you study otherwise you may find yourself becoming anxious. And anxiety will do you no good as you prepare for your finals. Spreading out your studying times will help you feel better prepared. Studying in chunks will keep you from becoming tense. Endeavor to pray, mediate, exercise or do whatever else is needed to help you maintain control.

5. Keep exercising. If you are not already exercising, then start. If you exercise regularly, do not stop. It is important when you are studying that you let off steam. Your exercise regimen should be embraced, not discarded during this time. You may find that studying in chunks and taking exercising breaks will help you best. It may also keep you from devouring more foods than what you need.

6. Seek assistance. Besides a study group, you may find that you need one-to-one instruction as you prepare for finals. What you should also know is that in the days leading up to finals, tutoring labs and professor office hours may be swamped. If you have questions that you need answered, then schedule your appointment at least a week before finals to ensure that you get in.

7. Use memory aids. With so much stuff to remember, you may wonder how you will recall everything when test time comes around. There are various memory aids that can assist you. Use charts, photographs and mnemonics to assist you, using a blend of memory aids to help you.

Making the Grade

Soon, your exams will be behind you. Manage your time well and you will discover that you have mastered the work and will have the grades to show for it.

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