Dorm Room Theft: Ways to Prevent It

Dorm Room Theft: Ways to Prevent It
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    Living in a dorm is awesome! This is where you party hard, where you form as a person, acquire the knowledge for the rest of your life and meet friends who will stick with you through thick and thin.

    That is why it is important to maintain a certain level of privacy in your room and not let just anyone enter it.


When it comes to dorm room thievery, you have to be alert, ready and always prepared to act. But, finding ways to prevent it definitely is a better solution. Here is how you can do that.

Keep It Quiet!

Everyone who has even gone to college knows someone who claimed to have something valuable in their rooms – and exotic pet, a collection of CDs or the newest gadgets – and while these people seems cool, they are actually the easiest targets of a thief. Modern students have valuable possessions and, if people around you know what you own, they will know what to look. Therefore, instead of bragging, just keep it quiet and do not reveal your secrets.

Do Not Bring Valuable Possessions with You

Just because you are moving into a dorm does not mean you should take all your possessions with you. You do not need your valuable jewelry or irreplaceable family heritage anywhere in your room, so better leave them at home, with your parents, where they are safe. This also goes for all your money as well: if you do not leave it lying around, it will not be stolen – it is as simple as that.

Lock All the Doors

This should go without saying, but it seems that people do not pay enough attention to this matter, so it has to be repeated – do not leave your door unlocked! You would not leave your house unlocked when going on a vacation, right? The same goes for dorm room as well: make sure you have locked it every time you leave it. If you are not sure, return and double check it. Unlocked doors are an invitation thieves are just waiting for, so you better not send it in the first place.

Get Yourself a Safe

When talking about home protection, most experts suggest that getting a new door lock will solve most of your theft-related problems. But, living in a dorm usually does not allow you to make any significant changes to your room, so a new lock and door are out of the picture. That is why getting a safe is the way to go, says a highly-rated Bondi Locksmith. It does not have to be huge, but only big enough to store all your precious valuables and money. If possible, try to find a model that fits under your bed, so thieves cannot notice it straight away. Equipped with a good locking mechanism, a safe is the best way to protect your valuables.

Make a List

Although this might sound outdated or plainly senseless, but making a list of your valuables is something to keep in mind. In case of theft, you can give it to the campus authorities and the police and they will use it to track your belongings. Also, many students make photos of their things, just in case they need some hard evidence should they get stolen.

Another form of “theft” is spending beyond your budget – in other words, you allow part of you to spend money you don’t have. To avoid this kind of “theft”, develop a college budget to help control spending.

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Other Ideas

What you can also do is look into content insurance for college students that will reimburse you for stolen valuables and, finally, make sure you never invite strangers to your room. Prevention is the key and your possessions will be much safer if you act responsibly and not make mistakes that can have serious repercussions.


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