College Tours: They’re all Virtual Now

College Tours: They’re all Virtual Now
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    Getting a feeling for a college campus before committing to it has always been a good idea.

    Unfortunately, travel can be expensive - especially for far away students.

    Now thanks to technology you can almost walk your prospective campus without setting foot on it.


It’s that time of year again. You can spot them a mile away. It’s those incoming students, whether they be fresh off the high school campuses across the country or transfers from other colleges. It’s a dazed appearance in their eyes that give them away, not to mention the bedraggled parents who are forced to also endure the initiation of seeing where they will be sending their child, not to mention their hard-earned dollars.

The good news in this is that more than ever before, new students don’t have to travel all the way to their prospective college choices since virtual college tours are becoming a staple of campus recruiters.

Now Appearing Online or Via CD

It’s always nice to get a feeling for a college campus before you make your first trip there. That’s always been a good idea. Unfortunately, especially in the case of those students who want to attend college in a far-away location, that’s a lot to ask, since when all things are considered there will be expenses–lodging, meals, airfare, and more–to pay before you get there.

Now, thanks to Internet technology, you can almost walk your prospective campus without setting foot on it.

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Virtual Tours

They’re called virtual college tours, and they are one of the newest recruitment tools available today. Thanks to 360-degree imaging technology, you can call up a map of your intended college, click on a desired location, and from then on out, you can direct your tour of the campus.

What’s the walk like from your dorm to the location of your first class? With a virtual tour, you can quickly find out. How far is it from the dining hall to library? You can not only walk the entire distance virtually, but you can even click on your point of origin and your destination, and the distance is calculated for you, all at the touch of a button. What is the surrounding area like? You can find this out and more by just navigating your way off of the campus and into the local area.

Your Choice of Media

If you are more in the mood to take your virtual tour at your convenience, that’s great, since many colleges are producing CDs of their tours, which they will send to prospective students on request, and free of charge. Other campuses offer their tours online via their websites. And regardless of the questions you might want to be answered, all you have to do is to email or open a virtual chat with a representative of the college, and they will reply in real time.

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