Dorm, House, Frat or Sorority: Your Choices of Where to Live

Dorm, House, Frat or Sorority: Your Choices of Where to Live
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    It doesn't matter whether you are a new college student, you have been in college for a while, or you are returning to school after a break, one of the most important decisions that you can face in your college career is where to live.


Make no mistake about it, where you live while you are in college can have a big impact on so many other areas of your life that it’s hard to take them all in. The good news in this is that when you understand your options, the decision is much easier to make.

You’ve Got to Live Somewhere

Even most college officials will agree that where you decide to live is not always an easy decision to make. This is why most colleges have a very active housing section that usually does a good job of letting students know of their options. Here are some of the most common:

Dorms, Public and Private

Dorms don’t often get the credit they deserve as places for students to live. After all, they have the reputation of being boring and noisy. This isn’t really true. In most colleges, dorms provide a basic clean place to live that is close to the campus. In fact, although most students opt for eating in a common dining room, many dorms even have full kitchens for residents to prepare their own meals. Another benefit of dorms is that some services, such as common area and linen cleaning comes with the deal.

A growing living trend is in the form of private dorms, which might appear much like college-owned dorms, they are not. Instead, although many private dorms are run like most dorms with things like student government, they are privately owned. This being the case, the are often well maintained and offer a wide variety of amenities.


Whatever your situation, at some point the possibility of renting a home will usually surface. Again, this has advantages and disadvantages. There’s usually nothing like having your own private space, which a private home will provide. On the other hand, once you start adding other people to the residence in an effort to lower costs, privacy often goes out the window.

Fraternities and Sororities

If the idea of lifelong friends and camaraderie is your cup of tea, fraternities and sororities are the way to go. Make no mistake about it, college is a place where you can make friends that will last a lifetime, but the bonds established in fraternities and sororities are very special. With all due respect to the images of fraternity and sorority life portrayed by Animal House, they are often very nice, but can also be very expensive.

Approached with open eyes, all of these living options can be very rewarding in the short run as well as the long run.


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