Dorm Life: How to Stay Safe in Close Living Quarters

Dorm Life: How to Stay Safe in Close Living Quarters
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    If you're a college student, moving into the dorms freshman year can be an incredibly exciting time.

    You'll be making new friends, living away from your parents and gaining lots of new experiences.

    Living in such close quarters isn't always easy though.


Though there will be plenty of freedom and lots of fun, there are several things to consider when living in a dormitory setting. What are some of the hazards to keep in mind while living in such close quarters? What can you do to avoid these hazards and stay safe?


Getting sick is relatively common in college dorms. Tight spaces, new germs, and a multitude of other factors can lead to a weakened immune system. Meningitis, mononucleosis, cold and flu are commonly seen among student living in dorms. Meningitis and flu vaccines are good ways to avoid those ailments. It’s also important to eat healthy in order to build your immune system. Avoid drinking after one another, wash your hands often and get plenty of sleep.

Sleep Deprivation

Realistically, many college students either spend time partying and not getting enough sleep, pulling all-nighters while studying or writing papers, or a mixture of both. Lack of sleep weakens your immune system and it can actually worsen your performance on tests. Try your best to avoid caffeine or exercising late at night and abstain from long naps during the day.

Binge Drinking

Now that students are “cut loose” from their parents, there’s a huge sense of freedom that comes along with it. Be careful with the amount of alcohol you consume. Binge drinking not only reflects poorly in the classroom, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Approximately 1,400 college students die each year from alcohol-related accidents. Know how much your body can handle, and keep in mind that you should abstain from any alcohol consumption if you’re under the age of 21.


Not only are bedbug infestations incredibly difficult to deal with, they must be done so professionally and at an expensive price. Avoid used furniture, and wash your bedding in hot water regularly to make it more difficult for bedbugs to thrive. You should contact a Resident Advisor immediately if you suspect an infestation.


It’s not uncommon to see a little mildew in the shower or on a shower curtain, but if you start noticing mold on the walls, there’s a much bigger problem. Mold in the walls is a serious issue and can cause real harm to your body if you breathe it in for too long.

Athlete’s Foot

A lover of warm, wet environments, athlete’s foot generally thrives in the shower or locker rooms. Staying dry in between your toes can help prevent fungal growth. Always wear flip-flops in the shower, bathroom and other communal areas in the dorms. This can also help you to avoid a fall. According to New York slip and fall injury lawyers, David Resnick & Associates, wet and slippery floors are where these cases are most commonly seen.


Keep in mind that you’re living in a building with potentially hundreds of other individuals. Refrain from using any that could be considered a fire hazard. Never leave your cookware unattended while cooking, and be conscientious of how hot your electronic devices are getting while being charged.

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