5 Networking Ideas for 2019 High School Grads

5 Networking Ideas for 2019 High School Grads
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    Graduating from high school is a monumental occasion.

    It is a time to celebrate, and it is time to look forward to the future.


While it can be met with a mixture of anxiety and excitement, it is an overwhelmingly joyous occasion for everyone who is involved in the life of the graduate. When finishing high school, the whole world is out there to conquer. Of course, it can be tough to get started so here are five networking ideas for 2019 high school grads to help jumpstart the process.

Host a Graduation Party

Everyone likes a party, and high school graduation is the perfect occasion to throw one. This is. Time to gather friends, family members, and other people in the community to come and celebrate the achievements of the graduate.

You can serve brioche buns with chicken salad with fruit salad for a fancy celebratory treat. You can set donation boxes around the event. Make sure to invite neighbors, church acquaintances, past teachers, family friends.

Send Announcements to Influential Teachers

There are a lot of teachers through the years that have proven influential in the life of the graduate. These teachers should be reminded of their role in the process. More than a few would of them would probably love to be a part of the occasion.

Ask for Letters of Recommendation

From college admission to future places of employment, letters of recommendation form a valuable part of a person’s overall portfolio. Because everyone begins to go their separate ways after graduation, it is helpful to use this occasion to gather as many such letters as you can. Make sure to request them early so everyone has time to submit theirs.

Solicit Donations

If you are looking to raise money for post-graduation expenses, such as college, you will want to consider asking for donations. Send letters to key family members and other individuals who have been influential in the life of the graduate. Be clear in your letter and outline what the money will be used for.

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Throw a Fundraising Barbecue

Along these same lines, throwing a barbecue is another great way to raise money. This can prove to be a great networking event as well. People will enjoy getting together to celebrate graduation, while also donating some much needed money at the same time.

You’ll be surprised at how many people will support you. You can work with local groups and ask for donations from the community heads from local grocery stores. Advertise around town and hold a barbeque with games and prizes. Silent auctions from private donations can be a great help.

These five ideas will help you network and get the professional juices flowing. Not only will it be beneficial for the graduate, but it will also be a fruitful endeavor for everyone else involved in the process as well. It is important to remember that this is an occasion to remember for a lifetime, but there is so much of the story still left to be written.

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