How to Handle College and a Military Career at the Same Time

How to Handle College and a Military Career at the Same Time
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    When you want to join the military while also attending college, it can be difficult to know how to manage both things at once.

    However, it is very possible to handle college and a military career at the same time.


Other military personnel have enrolled in college, getting making excellent grades and even graduating with honors. If they can do it, you can too. Consider these helpful tips for handling college while also completing your military service.

Learn Time Management Skills

If you want to enroll in college courses while serving in the military, then you must have excellent time management skills. Any student who is working is challenged by time management, so you must have a schedule to study alone or with a group.

If you are taking an on-site class, then you must arrange your schedule to arrive on time for lectures. You will need to talk to a military supervisor so that you can attend your classes at the proper time.

Think about Online College Classes

Rather than attending an on-site class, you may prefer an online class that is available at flexible times. For this type of class, you will need a great computer with an excellent internet connection so that you can download and watch a professor’s lectures along with completing your quizzes and tests.

One of the best benefits of many online classes is that you can watch a lecture at any time of the day or night in any location of the world.

Inventive Ways to Pay for Your Education

When you are in the military, you will have a limited income, but there are military education finance options available. Current military members and veterans should contact a college’s financial aid office to learn about the money that is available to pay for tuition and textbooks.

There are grants, scholarships, and loans available so that you can begin or complete your college education. Financial aid is typically a package of money from several sources, helping you to get your education in an affordable way. Look specifically for scholarships and grants for military members, but also look for any other scholarships that fit your demographic or interests. Money comes from many sources.

other valuable tips:

Part-time Attendance

Busy adults with work responsibilities often choose part-time enrollment in college classes. You can enroll in only one class to make your life easier, but some financial aid programs require taking two or more classes. With one class, you may need to watch a lecture for two to four hours along with reading a textbook and studying other materials. You will need to write research papers along with achieving successful scores on quizzes and tests.

Last, you should create a weekly schedule for your studying every semester so that you will not fall behind in your coursework. Don’t forget to have a schedule of leisure activities so that you will feel okay about studying while your friends are having fun. To be in both the military and college requires discipline, but it can be very rewarding at the same time.

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