Creative Ways To Customize Your Clothing

Creative Ways To Customize Your Clothing
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    Clothing is one of the most significant ways you can choose to express yourself.

    But when the only options in your closet are the drab rags of yesteryear, it can be hard to imagine that they have the potential to show the world who you are.


Luckily, there are many creative ways to customize your clothing and bring your wardrobe back to life.

Refurbish Basic Tees

You likely have an entire drawer dedicated to your retired T-shirts. Whether these shirts originated from your love of comfy clothes or just one too many thrifting trips, they’re usually not your first pick when you’re going for a stylish look.

The upside is that you have the opportunity to dust off these basic tees and give them a second, more fabulous life. You can repurpose some of those boring shirts by clipping the collars, sleeves, and hemlines into more fashionable cuts.

This is relatively straightforward, as all you need are a pair of scissors and a marker to trace the T-shirt’s new shape.

These new cuts can be as simple or as complex as you like. For instance, you may just cut the collar with an easy cold-shoulder pattern. Just as well, you could cut several slits into the back of a T-shirt and weave them together, creating an intricate design.

Other options include clipping the sleeves to create a tank top and cutting the bottom hem to create a crop top. To add, if you’re feeling extra creative, you could also tie-dye, bleach, or paint the shirts.

Customize Old Denim

Another excellent way to refurbish your wardrobe is by embellishing your denim jackets and jeans. This is a painless project if you have some fabric paint and a little imagination. Hand-painting different murals or designs onto your denim is fun, wildly creative, and cost effective.

You can freehand your designs using pictures for inspiration, or you can find crafty stencils that will help you outline what you want to paint. This method not only allows you to tailor your designs as particularly as you like but also makes it much easier to stick to a stricter budget.

Add Lace for a Little Elegance

Adding lace is another relatively easy, cheap, and satisfying way to give lackluster clothing some much-needed pizzazz. Say your favorite pair of jeans has become overly distressed.

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An easy solution is to pick out your favorite lace and use it to patch some of the more unruly holes. You can do this with some heavy-duty fabric glue and scissors. If you feel extra fancy, you can even add intricate lace trimmings to your shirts, shorts, and purses.

It can often feel as though you have a minimal selection of fashionable options in your closet. But with a bit of imagination and craftiness, you can find creative ways to customize your clothing to make it new and exciting again.

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