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Money Tips

How to Make Extra Money on the Side in College With Blogging

College will be the most exciting period in your life. It can get a bit expensive though. There are so many things to pay for. However, there are ways to make extra money on the side.

Job Search

Why Every Fresh College Graduate Should Consider Blogging

Tweet Thanks to the internet, graduates can nowadays make money working online. One of the legitimate ways of doing so is through blogging. Let’s look at how maintaining an active


How Do You Prepare A Blog Post To Make Money On The Internet?

Tweet Blog posts are the life line of the web site and their quality alone will determine if online visitors read and enjoy what you have to offer, or if

Social Networking

4 Tips to Help You Network Better as a College Graduate

It’s no secret that these days networking is important in your job search after college graduation; yet many grads make the mistake of limiting their searches to online job postings and sending out resumes to random companies.

Personal Advice

5 Creative Ways to Make Money

Tweet Extra cash for cash-strapped college students. College students will often turn to work as a way to bring in some income. However, if your schedule is full, you may

Fun News Social Networking

How to Manage Your Reputation

Tweet Whatever you do in life, your reputation matters. Sometimes that concept is hard to grasp, given the very public way many of us live our lives these days. But

Fun News

College Newspapers Embrace Cyberspace

Tweet The internet has changed the way that major newspapers do business, with many dailies going out of business or transitioning by offering customers both print and online access. America’s


The Best Of SayCampusLife.Com

Tweet On occasion, we here at SayCampusLife.Com like to pause long enough to review what we’ve written, by finding out which articles have been read the most and plan our

Campus News

College Newspapers: A Dying Breed?

Tweet Today’s students prefer to read what they want online.  Way back during the days when I attended college, the student newspaper was a hot mover. Everyone knew where they

Campus News

Happy 2008 From SayCampusLife

Tweet Krayton M Davis and Matt Keegan extend to you greetings for the new year. May 2008 be a year of academic achievement, good health, and clear direction on where