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Facts vs Myths: 3 Lies You Have Been Told About What Awaits in College

High School teachers – God bless them – love to share advice. A favorite topic amongst them, especially with high school seniors, revolves around college and how it will be a complete opposite of what life in high school is.

College Living

How to Survive College: Top 6 Strategies

Tweet Perhaps you had an easy time in high school. Maybe you were class president or even a member of the honor society. You may have graduated as valedictorian. You


College Scholarships: January 2014 Edition

Reducing the cost of higher education begins with you, the student. Filling out a FAFSA form and applying for grant money are important steps in helping to reduce your college costs. Applying for college scholarships can also help your cause, reducing your expenditures further.


College Scholarships: December 2013 Edition

College-bound and current students that land scholarships can help defray the cost of their education. Scholarship recipients should know that these funds are not repaid and along with grants can reduce their higher education costs. Billions of dollars in college scholarship monies are awarded every academic year, money that you may be missing out on.


Why Students Should Keep Applying For College Scholarships

Tweet Billions of dollars of college scholarships are awarded annually, funds that you can get, but usually only if you make application first. Like grants, scholarships are monies that you

Personal Advice

7 College Student Organization Tips

Tweet No goal, however, happens without undertaking careful planning first. Read on and we’ll discuss the college student organization tips that can help you reach higher. 1. Establish your goals.

Campus News Scholarships

February 2012 College Scholarship News

Tweet The college scholarship application season is in full swing with some deadlines having passed, others approaching and still others extended. We’ve been going through our current list of scholarships


March 2012 College Scholarship Deadlines Loom

Tweet 1. Are you qualified? Not every college scholarship is geared to help every student. Some are for students who have declared a specific measure. Others target students based on

Personal Advice

You Can Organize Your College Search

Tweet Choose the right college without getting stressed out. Finding the right college is important because it can greatly impact your post-secondary experience and help prepare you for a career.