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Can’t Afford College? Think Again!

Tweet If you follow the news, then you have probably have been reading some very scary stuff recently as pertaining to you being able to afford college. Most certainly, college

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Online Education: University of Phoenix

Tweet The following is one in an ongoing series of articles exploring the various online educational opportunities available for today’s college students. I must confess that when I first began

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Online Learning & Your Busy Schedule

Tweet Last week, we discussed trade schools and how they can be a very good way for a person to transition from one career to another. After all, if you

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What You Should Know About Distant Learning

Tweet Distant learning has been in place for generations, first known as “mail correspondence schools” before largely giving way to much more sophisticated university learning. I recall those days when

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Online Learning, Not So Distant

Busy adults who cannot find the time to set foot on campus are embracing online learning like never before. Millions of students are enrolled in programs where distant learning is emphasized, often with no requirement to ever attend school in person.

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Heritage College Is Now Kaplan College

Tweet Changing a college’s name is fraught with risk and I’m not talking about making the transition from college to university either. A complete name change can confuse students, undermine


Is Axia America’s National Community College?

Tweet The University of Phoenix has been offering degrees, mostly online, to tens of thousands of students across the country, even from around the world for many years now. The

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Is the University of Phoenix a Rip Off?

Tweet With more than 400,000 actively enrolled students, the State University of New York is the nation’s largest university system, beating out California State University by a few thousand students.

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Illinois Students Attend School Virtually

Tweet Not every student has to get up early in the morning, throw on a pair of jeans, stop by Dunkin Donuts for a cup of joe and a sausage