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Student Loans

Student Loans: Pay Back or Defer?

Tweet Making your first student loan payments. Welcome to the world of life after college. It may not be the picture of what you had expected more than four years

Personal Advice

How to Save Money on Student Banking

Tweet Costly bank fees can be avoided. Where to place these funds is a cause of concern for some students, especially as new fees and limited access can make choosing

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How to Get Ready to Go Off to College

Tweet Personal effects — You need to look and smell good while on campus which can mean different things for different people. Bath towels and washcloths; dental floss and toothpaste;

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Teaching Your College Child About Credit

Tweet By Kirby Cranson It is true that college opens up a world of new places and experiences — great restaurants, concert venues, new places to shop and people to

Campus News

Hebrew College to Relocate its Campus

Tweet Newton Centre, Massachusetts based Hebrew College will be selling its campus in a bid to satisfy creditors and start anew. The Jewish educational institution, founded in 1921, has occupied

College Budgeting

Illinois CPA Society Offers Money Talking Points For Parents, Students

Tweet One of the most difficult subjects for people to tackle seems to be money. And why is that? Probably a host of reasons including pride, cultural prohibitions, societal expectations

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Are You Heading Off To College This Fall?

Tweet Incoming college freshmen are just now finishing their high school studies, with some having already graduated while others still must take their final exams before their required schooling comes

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Online Cash On The Side!

Tweet Many college students are worrying about their finances as they hear reports from their parents that their college savings accounts lost a lot of money when the market bubble

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Enjoy College On A Shoestring Budget

Tweet Poverty and college seem to go hand in hand, at least that appears to be the case for many college students, but not for the school itself. You may