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7 Smart Tips for College Juniors

Your junior year of college may be your most transformational one yet. Your basic, required courses are behind you and you’ve declared your major. You’re now taking the courses that will prepare you for your career.

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About Cornell NYC Tech

New York City will soon welcome a new university. Cornell NYC Tech, a partnership between Cornell University and Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, is under construction and will be located on Roosevelt Island in the city’s East River.

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Grad School: Why Going Makes Sense

You’ve considered attending graduate (grad) school, but are wondering if the investment is worth it. Grad school means about two more years of higher education, but the per credit costs and fees are greater than undergraduate school and your financial aid options are limited.

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College Seniors: Life Beyond Academia

College students approaching their final year of undergraduate studies have much to consider. A year from now and you may be looking for work, gainfully employed or turning your attention to graduate school.

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How to Prepare for Graduate School in Canada

Tweet Besides, many universities have highly competitive programs and the students that are sufficiently prepared may have an edge over those that are not. Whether you are a Canadian citizen

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Grad Students Miss Out on Student Loan Relief

Tweet Student debt and grad school students. One group, graduate students, are shut out of the loan relief program, and will now pay higher interest rates on their loans. Moreover,

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GRE Exam Changes Arrive In August 2011

Tweet The Graduate Record Exam or GRE is a standardized test and admission requirement for many grad schools. Score high on the GRE and you will have made a compelling

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UAB Grad Program Offers Family Assistance

Tweet The high price of a university education is clearly keeping some students away from the classroom or at least making it very difficult for them to finish school without


3 Mistakes Guaranteed to Increase Your College Costs

Tweet After facing the monumental task of visiting college campus after college campus, prodding your soon-to-be college student to write those essays and meet those deadlines, filling out applications, pulling

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5 Steps Toward Attending Grad School

Tweet If you have a bachelor’s degree, the next logical step for some students is grad school. With an advanced degree your job opportunities can increase and you possibly can