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How to Enhance Your Transfer Credentials

You are a community, technical or junior-college student intent on transferring to a four-year school once you get your associate degree. These days, it is much easier to transfer to a four-year college from a two-year program, especially once you have your degree.


The Benefits of Free Community College Education

This past Feb., Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam proposed that his state provide free community college tuition for eligible residents. The proposal surprised not a few people, especially given that Haslam is a Republican, yet it was welcomed by many across the political spectrum.

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Good News: Strong 4-Year Grad Rates For Community College Transferees

Community colleges, also known as technical colleges and junior colleges, provide access to higher education for millions of students.


Choose Your Community College and Win

Tweet Sometimes known as technical colleges or junior colleges, community colleges can provide a good and affordable education for students. Community Colleges Community college enrollment is at record levels as

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What Are the Advantages of Attending Community College?

Tweet Two-year colleges continue to appeal to millions of students. Today’s community and technical colleges are public-supported schools, receiving taxpayer support on the county or state level, sometimes both. So,


How to Transfer From Community College to a Four-Year School

Tweet Some students attend community colleges to obtain a certificate or an associate degree, but have no plans for furthering their education. The program available at their local school is

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College Board Says College Costs In Step With Inflation

Tweet Years of rapidly increasing college costs may be coming to an end, at least that is what the College Board has concluded from a pair of reports they conducted

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Plus 50 Initiative Reaches Out To Graying Students

Tweet Turning gray needn’t mean the end of learning. Thanks to an initiative developed for 15 colleges, baby boomers are being targeted as prospective students. Seed grants from the American