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College Training

5 Benefits of Career Training and Development

Education and training is a never ending process for any individual aiming to go up the career ladder. It’s great that you now have a well-paying job, but have you got what it takes to keep your job, or better still, get a promotion?

College Living

Study and Party Tips: Work-life Balance in Action

It is often said that your student years are your best years. The truth and application of the hypotheses may vary from person to person and with the change in perspective, a new-found respect for a certain phase of life is born.

NCAA Football

4 of the Most Fun College Football Teams to Watch From a Major Conference

It’s great when an unknown program such as Western Kentucky has an exciting high octane offense, but it is usually the highly successful teams from major conferences that are readily found on the major television networks.


Alternative Ways to Fund College Besides Loans and Scholarships

There are advantages to using student loans and scholarships to fund your college education, but you don’t want to go into heavy debt just to attend college.

Study Tips

Study Tips for New College Students From a College Professor

Jeremy was an honor roll student throughout middle and high school. But during his first semester he quickly found himself falling behind.

College Planning

HS College Planning Tips: for week of Sept 27

Review this checklist for items that should be completed at this time in your college planning process.

Personal Advice

Yoga Your Way To Calm

When we think about yoga it is often in the pursuit of exercise and transformation of our bodies. But transformation and balance of the mind is just as important, if not more so.

College Living

Campus Fashion: How To Look Your Best Without Bringing Your Entire Wardrobe From Home

Now that the school season is finally here, many college students are packing up and heading toward their prospective dorms. Although dorm living can provide a unique and memorable experience, it is not without its challenges.

FAFSA Form Tips

5 Mistakes Students Make When Filing FAFSA and how to Avoid Them

The best and easiest way to complete the FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) is do it online, and early.

Credit Cards

How to Build a Solid Credit History in College

For a college student, building a good credit may seem impossible. You need credit to establish credit. The only way to establish a good credit history is to pay off your loans in time or to manage your credit cards properly.

Online Education

Why Graduating Seniors Should Consider Online Education

It might come as a surprise, but when high school students ask me about college, more and more I’m suggesting they consider one of the reputable online programs available today. This may seem a bit strange because most of the time when we think about online education we think about working adults who are going back to school.

Career Planning

Steps a Young Person Can Take to Prepare for a Career in Business

A young person who decides that he or she wants to make a career in the business world has a lot of planning to do in order to achieve that goal. It’s very likely that the person already knows the importance of studying business in college.