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What Should You Do When College Aid Isn’t Enough?

Tweet As students head off to college over the coming weeks, some will be doing so with significantly smaller aid packages in place which means that they’ll have to come

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Student Aid Is Tougher To Find

Tweet With college students returning to classes in droves over the coming days, many parents are still scrambling for ways to cover the cost of higher education. A tough economy


No Degree? That Might Be A Problem.

Tweet Here’s a thought: you’re in college and are frustrated with your major, even dissatisfied with your school. You’re contemplating quitting, perhaps heading out to the work world in pursuit

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College Scholarships For Every Type Of Student

Tweet When arranging funding for college, you or your parents are probably tapping your savings, 529 college fund, considering private student loans and/or Stafford loans, and you may be looking

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Project Working Mom Offers Full Scholarships

Tweet Mothers who work outside the home and still need to take college classes often find that balancing work, family, and educational pursuits is an impossible task. But, thanks to


Lower Interest Rates Make Student Loans More Affordable

Tweet When it comes to paying for higher education, many students are finding that they are coming up short when they take a look at their tuition bill. The price

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6 Steps To Securing College Aid

Tweet For most students, the first day of college classes is still more than one month away, but one area of preparation must be started now and that step involves


College Scholarships Provide A Path To Higher Education For Many

Tweet With Stafford loans being more difficult to get and private student loan debt another concern, students who wish to pursue their higher education studies oftentimes feel that their choices

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Smart Ways To Reduce College Costs

Tweet If your child is a rising high school senior or a freshman entering college this fall, then you know that affording college isn’t a given. Tuition, room and board,

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Lenders Trim Student Loans To Community College Students

Tweet Although tuition for most community colleges is quite low, many students still need to take out loans to pay for their education. These loans are sought by some of

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Your Bad Credit And Private Student Loans

Tweet Much has been made in the news lately about the current situation with student lending. Some members of the U.S. Congress are insisting that there is a crisis unfolding

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College Costs: How Much?

Tweet Inflation increases about 2 to 4 percent annually, but when it comes to college, these costs are rising and at a pace that is usually at least double the