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President’s College Rating Initiative and Financial Aid

If you listened to President Obama’s speech last month about higher education and affordability, you may have nodded in agreement with his comments that college has never been more important nor has it been more expensive than it is right now.


Student Aid: Most Undergrads Receive It, Study Says

The likelihood that your son or daughter will receive student aid is great according to the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS) released last week by the Department of Education.

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Why Accreditation Matters to College Students

You are looking over the material you have received from various colleges and have found a school that is not far from your home, one that offers both night and Saturday classes.

College Budgeting

How to Pay For Grad School

You have finished or are nearing the end of your undergraduate studies and will soon consider both your work and continuing education options. If grad school is your preference, there may be one overarching hindrance from pursuing this option: money.


How to Get Rid of Student Loan Debt

Tweet That grace period gives you time to plan and take action in a bid to get rid of your student loan debt as soon possible. 1. Consolidation. If you

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At A Glance: Student Loan Debt

One way that college students pay for their education is by taking out student loans. When done judiciously, such loans can help students complete their education and go on to successful careers, earning enough money to pay off their debt.

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Debt Savvy: College Students and Credit Cards

It is a fact that most college students have a credit card.

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Higher Education Advocates Call For Financial Aid Accountability

Tweet In a white paper released earlier this week, “Aligning the Means and the Ends: How to Improve Federal Student Aid and Increase College Access and Success, ” TICAS outlined

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Latest Edition: Paying For College Without Going Broke

Tweet Fortunately, families that are looking to contain these costs can do so by filling out a Free Application For Student Aid Report, the first step for receiving financial relief.


Why Students Should Keep Applying For College Scholarships

Tweet Billions of dollars of college scholarships are awarded annually, funds that you can get, but usually only if you make application first. Like grants, scholarships are monies that you


How to Cover Your College Expenses

Tweet However, you’re falling short in having enough money for to pay for your books and for meeting personal expenses, a problem you hadn’t anticipated earlier. Fortunately, you have some

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Sallie Mae-Ipsos Survey Shows Changes in How Families Approach College

Tweet A college education is still very important for most people. On Monday, the two groups released details about its latest national survey, finding that 83 percent of college students