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Financing Options to Pay for College

A college degree is no longer a gold star on a job applicant’s résumé – it’s a necessity to even be able to apply. Financing college tuition, however, has become more and more difficult for the average family as costs continue to skyrocket.

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5 Awesome Work-Study Jobs for College Students

Getting some work-study jobs under your belt while you do a college program is an amazing way to put something good on your resume. In fact, it is recommended by the Department of Education.

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FAFSA: Apply Early for Financial Assistance

If you are looking to save thousands of dollars on college expenses each year, the first place to start is with your Free Application For Student Aid or FAFSA. By filling out a FAFSA in January, you can get your application in early and you may qualify for financial assistance from the US Department of Education.

Career Planning

Six Steps to Prepare for Your Career While in College

Your time in college will fly by fast. Before you know it you will be on stage, collecting your degree and turning your tassel. Hopefully, you’ll have a job offer in hand too and ready to launch your career.

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What Should You Do When College Aid Isn’t Enough?

Tweet As students head off to college over the coming weeks, some will be doing so with significantly smaller aid packages in place which means that they’ll have to come

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Can’t Afford College? Think Again!

Tweet If you follow the news, then you have probably have been reading some very scary stuff recently as pertaining to you being able to afford college. Most certainly, college

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For Students, Tightening Money Means Exploring Options

Tweet Lots of families across the country are facing a dilemma, one brought about by last year’s financial meltdown. College savings accounts suddenly dropped in value, 401(k) plans took a

Career Planning

Should You Accept An Internship Or Not?

Tweet One of the most sought after positions offered through colleges offers little or no pay, but plenty of recognition. Yes, I’m talking about internships those special programs offered through

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Verizon, Strayer Form Unusual Educational Partnership

Tweet Taking college classes while also holding down a full time job is a difficult balancing act, a practice I am quite familiar with. Having done both for a period

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Will You Choose To Study Abroad?

Tweet Even before heading off to college for the first time, many freshmen know that they’ll be sidetracked along the way and miss a semester or two of schooling at