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Education Tips

5 Pro Tips to Become an Expert in Research Papers Writing

The AI and apps won’t replace creative arts and writing for the next few decades. Those who are really good at them will have some work to do and money to earn.

Money Tips

A Few Ways to Make Money for Your Kids College on the Internet

Tweet Before you can have a chance to blink, you are already in the position to start thinking about the state of you kids college fund. The thought of finding

College Planning

Making Application: A College Scholarship and Your Personal Statement

If you are planning to apply for one or more college scholarships you are making a smart decision. A college scholarship can help defray at least some of the costs related to your academic pursuits.


How to Write an Effective College Term Paper

Tweet By following a careful “system” for writing your term paper, you can ensure that it will receive the best possible grade, aiding your overall grade as well. 1. Pick


Rotten Tomatoes: Shadowy Scholar Tells All

Tweet If you aren’t familiar with “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” then you are missing out on a spectacular educational website. This site provides excellent information about higher education in

Education Tips

Solid Tips For Writing A Winning College Essay

Tweet High school seniors are making the most of their final year of schooling, before heading off to college next fall. Football games. Club activity. Time with friends. However, beneath


Recapping SayCampusLife

Tweet Pardon us as we take a small diversion by redirecting your attention to several articles written over the past few months, information we think you’ll want to read or

Study Tips

You Can Write A Winning Essay

Tweet If you are a high school senior, a student who is getting ready to send off your college application or apply for a scholarship, one of the most daunting