7 Reasons for Attending College

7 Reasons for Attending College
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    A college education is unaffordable, right?

    Well, yes and no.

    If you have your heart set on a certain college or university and your financial aid falls far short, then that answer is "yes."


However, if you’re flexible in your choice of college, then there shouldn’t be much of any obstacle that would keep you from attending. Therefore, the answer here is “no.” Keep this in mind: If it is a matter of money, tell the financial aid office about your challenges.

There are multiple reasons why attending college can be right for you. We’ll look at seven here.

1. Meet different people. You may have been exposed to a lot of different people while in high school, but generally that exposure pales when compared to college. At college, you will enjoy a more diverse student body and find yourself exposed to a variety of people, ideas and a different community than the one you were raised in.

2. A well-rounded education. At college, you will take courses that go well beyond the general subjects you took while in high school. You’ll take the basic courses, but you’ll also have the opportunity to pick up credits in other subject areas. By studying across multiple disciplines, your outlook on life expands accordingly.

3. Improved job opportunities. Complete your college education and you’ll be eligible for more job opportunities. Numerous jobs require candidates to have a certain level of education. Your degree opens these windows of opportunities.

4. Make more money. With a degree in hand, you’ll have the opportunity to make more money than the person who has a high school diploma. In fact, over the course of a career, that difference can be as much as $1 million reports the Huffington Post.

5. You get connected. Certainly, you can get connected online, but there is something to be said about connecting with your college peers. Students and alumni of certain institutions tend to look out for each other. Your road to obtaining a job can prove easier too as your current and former classmates come to your aid.

6. Your career is more stable. With college degree in hand, you’ll find that your career opportunities are more stable. It is easier for you to go from job to job with a degree than it is for the person that doesn’t have such an educational accomplishment under his belt.

7. Stability is a factor. Better pay, more job opportunities and an easier path for finding new work are stabilizing factors for college graduates. You’ve achieved what is required of you and with that comes improved career stability.

Job Satisfaction

Chances are if you attend college, obtain your degree and embark on a career, your overall job satisfaction will be higher too. There is something to be said for being rewarded for your academic accomplishments, what college does for those that complete what they have started.

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