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How to Get College Credit for Military Experience and Training

Military training and experience provides valuable skills that are applicable to college credit.


Top Five Financial Mistakes that College Students Make

In college, time seems to fly. One day you are a freshman, and before you know it, you are preparing for graduation. It is not until after graduation that the consequences of little things we did or did not do as students start showing up.

Education Tips

A Comprehensive Writing Guide for College Essays

Tweet Procedure for writing a college essay: 1. Follow directions You should make sure that you write about recommended topics and answer the questions you have been asked. You should

Social Networking

Sisterhood Events: 7 Ideas for Your Sorority

Tweet However, sometimes thinking of new and fun ideas for your group can be challenging, so instead of doing the same old things over and over again, whey not consider

Career Planning

What are Some of the Best College Majors for Working With Children?

There are several majors that will help you get a job working with children. However, these three careers typically offer the best results.

Study Abroad

The Countless Benefits of Studying Abroad – Infographic

Tweet College is the perfect time to explore oneself – your hobbies, educational interests, and future career options – but it’s also an ideal time to explore the world around

Study Tips

4 Stress-Free Ways to Prepare for Your Certification Exam

College students looking to prepare for their certification exams as they near graduation and hope to land their dream job need to study as much as possible.

Collegiate Sports

When Should We Start Compensating College Athletes?

Everyone loves college sports, especially the student athletes. However, do you realize that the revenue coming in from sports events and merchandise doesn’t go to the players?

Advanced Education

Here’s Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Get an MBA Online

Tweet Don’t panic just yet – while a traditional, on-campus MBA program can run students upwards of $200,000 or more in tuition, books, fees, and living expenses, technology has brought

Education Tips

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Study Path

If you’re currently studying at college or university, or are about to start, then you should be putting a lot of thought into your study options. You don’t want to waste substantial amounts of time and money on a course that simply isn’t right for you.

College Living

Professional Life Vs College Life: What are the Biggest Differences?

Tweet From a college friend of mine: Each one of us grew up with an aim, a dream in our heads, which determined our higher education, our choice of college.

Money Tips

How To Get The Best Price When Selling Back Textbooks

Every college student knows that books are expensive. No matter what your major, each semester is the same: you pick a new class load, get a book list and spend a bundle just to obtain the required reading for your courses.