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Personal Advice

How to Start Doing Business While Studying in College in 2020

The year 2019 is over; now, it’s time to come up with a great business mindset while studying in college.

Education Tips

Study Hacks – How College Students Can Improve Their Memory

Our memory is a muscle, which is how our body stores information that is repeated motions and allows us to act smarter and move faster over time. The truth is anyone can build and develop muscle memory to help their brain remember information.

Student Health

Tips on How to Avoid Sickness and Disease While in College

This topic is more relevant than ever with the new 2019 Coronavirus going around.

Personal Advice

How to Keep Motivated as a College Student

Every student has a dream, and that dream is to graduate and get what they worked for. After they graduate they will find a job that suits their skills.

Student Health

7 Steps on How to Handle College While Pregnant

Being pregnant while attending college can be very challenging. Dealing with pregnancy itself and also facing your studies every day is tough as well.

Fun News

Best 2020 New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

Have you already thought of your new year’s resolutions? If you haven’t thought of your new year’s resolution yet, then you might grab some of my ideas.

Student Health

10 Ways to Stay Healthy at College

Going back to college for the new semester or just admitted? It’s time to stress about studies, expenses, as well as your health. Just like you have to take an exam for studies, similarly you have to practice mindfulness for staying healthy during college.

Study Tips

How to Pass All of Your Exams in College

Before we start talking about exams, let’s say a few things about YOU! First of all, if you started school, you can finish it successfully, too!

Student Health

What to Do When Getting Sick in College?

Getting sick in college is one of the most unpleasant of experiences as a student. Especially when living in a dorm and no one will take care of you as they would when you’re at home.


How to Choose a Major in College in 5 Easy Steps

Choosing a major can be hard. Maybe you’ve always known what you’ve wanted to do with your life. That’s great. But what about the people who don’t have a clue?


How Do Political Issues Affect the Public Education System?

It is a common rule in the land that everyone is entitled to education, and this is what state colleges and public universities are giving, or should be giving to its people.

Student Health

Living With Mental Illness – You are not Alone!

You must have heard words like Get up, Be stronger, You can do it, You are just lazy, Do something. But what if you just can’t get out of a bed?