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Commentary Student Loans

Politicians Squabble Over New G.I. Bill

Tweet A new GI bill is in the works, but just how it’ll look when its finally approved remains to be seen. Currently, Democrats and Republicans are debating what sort

Collegiate Sports Commentary NCAA Football

Time For Notre Dame To Get Real About Football

Tweet When it comes to college football history, few universities have the storied background of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. During the first half of the 20th century, and even


Are Some Commencement Speakers Too Controversial?

Tweet Over the coming weeks, colleges and universities across these fruited plains will be holding their commencement exercises. Guest speakers will take to the podium to extol the virtues of


Yankees Show Some Hokie Spirit

Tweet Last April, a gunman went on a murderous rampage on the Virginia Tech campus, leaving 32 dead along the way. The outpouring of grief from members of the Hokie


Campus Crime Has Students Concerned

Tweet The recent murders of a pair of college co-eds who attended Auburn and UNC-Chapel Hill universities has caused some students to be concerned about their safety on and around


Is It Time For A GI Bill Overhaul?

Tweet Following the second world war, congressional legislation ensured that returning military veterans received the funds that they needed to pay for higher education. What eventually became known as the


Welcome To SayCampusLife

Tweet We’re Under Construction! We are in the process of building an all-new website for your reading pleasure — SayCampusLife. Our goal is to bring to you timely information and