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Considering Choosing a Career as an Electrician?

Tweet The good news is that an electrician career path offers a fair amount of job security whether you choose to be self-employed or hired within a company. Electricians are

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5 Tips To Help Fresh College Graduates Find Their First Job

The process of job searching can be very frustrating for most fresh college graduates. This is mainly because they lack work experience, and as a result, cannot compete against other experienced job seekers.

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What a Career as a Plumber is Actually Like

A career as a plumber can be quite lucrative. Most individuals and industries will require a plumber at some stage. In fact, quite likely many times, so it is a fairly reliable career choice.

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Benefits Of Immigration Consultant Training

Learn how to become an immigration expert. Immigrating to a foreign country is challenging; immigrants must learn a new language, adapt to the new time zone, and, most importantly, assimulate into a new culture.

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To Be Or Not To Be A Debtor

High school seniors continue to have dreadful feelings about their future because they see student debt increasing. The solid facts show that the last decade has yielded a 56% increase of student debt.

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5 Things To Do If You Are Unemployed on Graduation Day

You’ve put in the work, you’ve made the grades, and you have that diploma in hand. You are officially done with college and ready for the real world. There’s just one problem: you don’t have a job…yet.

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The Importance of Summer Internships to Help You Get a Job When You Graduate

When you’re working on your education at college, one of the most important questions you might have to ask yourself is if you should be working during school. Because as everyone knows, qualifications aren’t enough to help you land that dream job after you graduate – employers are looking for experience too.

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What Degree is Hot and What’s Not?

In today’s job market a degree alone will not get you more than a guaranteed job interview whereas two decades ago it ensured a more than decent income and a comfortable future.

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Unpaid Internships – The Key to Future Success?

Some people think of unpaid summer internships like they were some kind of prestigious academy all on their own. They are thought of as costly, prestigious, highly competitive, and the key to future success. Well, that may be true in some cases, but it isn’t always the case.

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Career Building Through Summer Internships

Commentary of another college friend of mine: I was involved in a University research a couple of months ago that involved interviewing employers to find out what kind of employees they prefer to work for them.

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The Importance of Summer Internships for College Students

A job seeker no longer has to simply be more qualified than his or her college classmates. He or she has to be more qualified than many others all across the world.

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How to Answer 15 Most Popular Interview Questions

As a recent college grad, it’s normal that you become anxious at the very thought of going to a job interview. After all, it takes practice to ace this kind of interaction. But don’t worry – with some preparation, you’ll be ready to face even the most curious recruiters out there.