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Why Summer Classes Can Rock Your World

Tweet Summer classes can rock your world by having a profound impact on your studies. These days students have many options available to them for acquiring college credit. If you

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7 Summer Job Ideas For College Students

Tweet The first two plans will come easy, but the last one — making money — may prove challenging. Especially if you need to make serious money over the summer

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Census Study Reveals Employment Trends for Working Students

Tweet Most college students do work while attending college. Students that work their way through college are nothing new. Perhaps a bit surprising is that nearly three-quarters of all college

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Focused College Freshmen Have Their Careers In Mind

Tweet The UCLA survey, conducted annually, is administered by that university’s Higher Education Research Institute, part of its Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. Economic Influence The current survey

Career Planning

Look Now for Your Summer Job

Tweet The days or weeks before the spring semester begins can be the best time to look for work, including internships that you might undertake. College student summer jobs can

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5 Hobbies for College Students

Tweet Certainly, you can grab the Wii or xBox to create a diversion, or put on a pair of running shoes and hit the track. There is another way for

Education Tips

Off to College: What to Expect

Tweet Deep inside many first-year students are scared witless, fearful that they’ll be quickly figured out for who they really are: individuals who don’t quite know what to expect and

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LinkedIn is Ideal for College Students

Tweet In 2010, just 5 percent of college students were using LinkedIn to find jobs, but in 2011 that number surged to 28 percent.[2] Likely, the word about LinkedIn is

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One in Three College Students Transfer Report Says

Tweet Most students that transfer leave in their second year. The report, “Transfer and Mobility: A National View of Pre-Degree Student Movement in Postsecondary Institutions,” found that one in three

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How to Rent a Car When You’re Underage

Tweet Young drivers can’t catch a break! Insurance costs are high and gas prices strain typically limited budgets. If don’t own a car or at least want to rent one,

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The Changing Faces of Today’s College Students

Tweet Changing Faces Collectively, today’s college students can be of most any adult age and their approach to education is often different from how students were educated a generation ago.


Pros and Cons of Niche Colleges

Tweet By Keith Stanton Most college students opt to attend a general college that offers a diverse range of degrees. They ultimately get a specific degree, but they are exposed