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Conference Realignment: New Midwestern Conference Could Emerge

Tweet Forget for just for a moment that the PAC 10 is likely to expand to sixteen teams or that the Big Ten isn’t about to settle for Nebraska without


Pell Grants: Your Money Source?

Tweet Finding money for college can make all the difference in the world for many students, funds which can help offset the cost of higher education. College scholarships play an

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Fans Weigh In: Keep Congress Out!

Tweet Congress should heed the wishes of its constituents especially when it comes to post season college football. By a slim 48 to 45 margin, most fans want Congress to

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Card Issuers Scale Back On Student Credit Cards

Tweet There once was a time when credit card issuers would sign up college students, issuing credit lines to them well before they were ready to graduate. Some students showed

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Study Abroad Bill Passes The U.S. House

Tweet College undergrads who have desired to study abroad but haven’t been able to afford the expense of this enriching experience, may getting federal support to do just that. Thanks

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Congress Debates College Football Postseason Arrangement

Tweet You got to hand it to Congress – with the Taliban threatening to over run Pakistan, North Korea planning to launch a nuclear test and with Chrysler working its

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College Board Supports Education For Children of Illegal Aliens

Tweet College Board, which is an organization founded in 1900 to help students make the transition from high school to college, has weighed in on of the most important, if