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Social Networking

Job Hunting With Social Media

Is it possible to find a job using social media? Yes, absolutely. And when you use social media in its broadest definition to encompass message boards, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter, and other sites, your chances of finding work may be better than the person who isn’t particularly Internet savvy.

Career Planning

4 Online Job Strategies and Considerations

It is time for you to take your online job searching efforts up one level. You probably know that connecting with potential employers online can help you with your job search, but you may not be sure what approach to take.

Personal Advice

12 Foundational Tips for College Freshmen

Tweet You can and will succeed at college if you want to. How is college working out for you? If you’re new to the college scene, that is you’re a


23 Tips for Succeeding in College

Tweet The former choice is the better one as it assures you that you will work toward a degree within a certain amount of time. The latter choice has no

Campus News

LinkedIn is Ideal for College Students

Tweet In 2010, just 5 percent of college students were using LinkedIn to find jobs, but in 2011 that number surged to 28 percent.[2] Likely, the word about LinkedIn is

Social Networking

How to Get the Most Out of Twitter

Tweet You can become a Twitter pro. Twitter is the ultimate short messaging service, a 140-character method of connecting with the world. Done right, Twitter can help you make contacts,

Social Networking

Social Media Rules The Internet

Tweet By Claire Jarrett On one episode of her popular reality show, comedian Kathy Griffin put her elderly mother in charge of answering questions on Kathy’s social media websites. It

Career Planning

10 Tips to Getting Your First Job

Tweet The job market is tough, but that’s no reason to dread graduation day. The job search for any recent college grad student is a grueling and up-hill process, but

Career Planning

10 Smart Tips For Savvy Job Seekers

Tweet Yesterday, SayCampusLife shared tips on how using LinkedIn—the professional networking site—can be beneficial in helping you find work, particularly if you are a college senior. Today, we’re going to

Career Planning

7 LinkedIn Strategies For College Seniors

Tweet Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, are popular social networking sites for college students, but what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and is used mainly for professional networking, the

Career Planning

Relaunch Your Stalled Out Career Aspirations!

Tweet New grads are setting out on launching their careers, but they’ll soon find themselves coming across another group of people – grads who left school in December or the

Career Planning

What College Seniors Must Do To Land A Job

Tweet If you’re a college senior and planning to graduate school over the next several weeks, then you fully understand how difficult the job market is right now. If you