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College Living

4 Basic Rules When Having College Roommates

It’s common to have roommate/s when you’re in college. Having a roommate can have its advantages as well as disadvantages.


Five Simple Rules That Will Help YOU Graduate

Tweet Let me help you graduate. That’s the cordial me asking for your permission to give you a piece of advice that nobody cared an iota to give me when

College Living

Handling Your First College Roommate – 10 Tips

Tweet All across the country, incoming college freshman are getting ready to move away from home for the first time. For many of these new college students, moving away from

College Living

How to Become Best Friends with Your Roomate

Tweet So naturally, many freshman today decide to live with their friends from high school their first year of college – but honestly that is a huge mistake. If you


5 Things to do Before College Starts in Fall

Tweet By Amy J. Silver Here’s a list of five things to do before college starts this fall. 1. Make a “Hometown Bucket List” What are you going to miss