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Student Loans

What a Federal Student Loan Forbearance Extension Means for You

In March, the U.S. government offered student loan holders relief from the looming crunch of repayments as unemployment rates surged during the beginning of the pandemic. Relief came in the form of a government-mandated automatic federal loan forbearance.

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How Not to Regret Your Time at College

It’s difficult not to feel skeptical about college nowadays. Student loans dragging new graduates down; burnout millennials that can’t properly start their life as adults because of the low prospects for a good job. Times have changed and there’s no denying that college leaves a lot of people with a sense of regret.

Student Loans

4 Surprising Facts about Student Loans

If you’re interested in higher education, you are likely acquainted with financial assistance loans from the US government and private lenders. Student loan intricacies can be a major headache, but there are also some less-known facts that you can take advantage of.

Student Loans

4 Interesting Facts about Student Loan Debt in the U.S.

Pew Research Center analyzed data from the Survey of Household Economics and Decision making done by the Federal Reserve in 2016 and came up with the following facts about student loans in America.

Student Loans

4 Ways to get the Government to Forgive Your Student Loan Debt

Tweet A large percentage of college students have to rely on student loans to finance their studies. Getting into debt at such a young age can be bewildering because you

Student Loans

Paying for College – Which Type of Student Loan Do I Choose?

Tweet But in actual fact, managing those kinds of expenses means you will need to adopt a pretty savvy kind of financial structure if you don’t want to become overwhelmed

Student Loans

Private and Federal – How to Choose the Best Student Loan for You

Tweet Student loans are a much debated subject in the USA, but also globally. While some people agree that the opportunity to finance your education is a great thing because

Student Loans

4 Student Loan Repayment Tips for new College Graduates

Now that you have graduated collage, your student loans are the first and at the same time the last thing on your mind. You want to celebrate your achievement, but you are still thinking of how to repay your student loans.

Student Loans

4 Student Loan Repayment Tips

Now that you have graduated collage, your student loan is the first and at the same time the last thing on your mind.

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Corinthian Colleges Abruptly Shuts Down

Corinthian Colleges, under intense scrutiny including from the federal government, abruptly closed its doors on Sunday.

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7 After College Tips for Graduating Students

Tassel turning time will soon be here and that means nearly two million people will get their associate, bachelor’s, master’s or other advanced degree.

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Student Aid Bill of Rights Signed by Obama

President Barack H. Obama has made good on one of his higher education promises. On Tuesday the president signed a memorandum at Georgia Tech in Atlanta instructing the Department of Education and other federal agencies to discover ways to help students with loan repayments.