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Community Colleges Continue to Face Financial Challenges

America’s community colleges continue to provide access to higher education for millions of students. These two-year schools, sometimes called technical colleges or junior colleges, are generally affordable; many provide open enrollment to high school graduates and to those with a GED.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Attending College?

If you are considering attending college, you may have some ideas about what you want to study and even have plans in place for life beyond academia.

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College Board: Trends in College Pricing

The College Board has released its latest report, Education Pays, outlining the importance of pursuing a college education.

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Financial Woes May Shut Down Some Colleges Report Says

Higher education may soon face a dramatic change with some colleges and universities shutting down due to funding issues.

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Stepped Up Discounting and Private College Enrollment

The competition for college students is a keen one, something particularly felt by private colleges and universities. To lure students to privately funded institutions, such colleges must step up the tuition discounting to compete against taxpayer-funded public schools.

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Advocacy Group Offers 3 Ideas for Funding Higher Education

Tweet A group known as the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has been advocating for better funding of higher education and recently outlined three ideas that it says


5 Ways to Afford Your College Education

Today’s college students continue to encounter ever rising educational costs, presenting a major challenge to individuals and families alike as they consider ways to pay for their higher education.


What Happens to Excess Pell Grant Money

Tweet The maximum amount of money awarded currently is $5,550 per academic year, an amount that may be over and above what it costs some students to attend college. Excess

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Updated: Paying for College Without Going Broke

Tweet Kalman A. Chany’s latest edition is now available. Here in North Carolina, state college students are facing some of the largest increases ever seen as restricted budgets force legislators

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No Free College Ride for Rich Kids

Tweet Teaching rich kids valuable financial lessons. College isn’t cheap, but a recent Bank of America study notes that approximately half of children in families where income levels are $250,000


Children of Divorced Parents Lose Out on College Financial Aid

Tweet Divorce Impact A recent study conducted by Rice University shows that children of divorced parents may miss out on some college financial aid, even if their parents remarry. Parents

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College Value List May Surprise You

Tweet Jaw dropping annual higher education costs in excess of $40,000 and even $50,000 or more has many middle class families wondering how their sons and daughters will be able