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College Budgeting

How to Join a 529 College Savings Plan

Tweet If you think that college is expensive today, fast forward to 2030 when costs may eclipse the current value of your home. Tuition and related college expenses are rising


How to Find Grant Money for College

Tweet Before we move forward to look at grant money for college, be forewarned: there are too many scams out there to count. That is why we won’t name specific

Campus News

Tax Cut Deal Benefits College Students

Tweet Congress has acted and the president has signed legislation extending tax cuts dating back to the Bush presidency. Tucked in with that bill is the American Opportunity Tax Credit,

College Budgeting

Do You Know Your College’s Sticker Price?

Tweet We’ve discussed college costs extensively on these pages, offering tips on how students and their familes can beat the high cost of college.[1] The so-called “sticker price” – which

Study Tips

How to Balance College & Work

Tweet Ideally, you’ll head off to college and your tuition, room and board, books and other expenses will be covered. No concern about money — that worry is out of

Book Reviews

Book Review: Barron’s Best Buys in College Education

Tweet Friends of ours are in a panic because they have one year to go before the oldest of their three children heads off to college. He is a gifted

Campus News

WalMart Rolls Out Associates College Program

Tweet Retailer offers price rollback of another kind Spiraling college costs are affecting everyone, but are having a profoundly negative impact on retail workers who want to better themselves. The

Campus News Education Tips

Western Governors University Promises No Tuition Increase

Tweet University holds the line for 2010-11 academic year Salt Lake City-based Western Governors University has promised to hold the line on tuition for the 2010-11 academic year, bucking a

Personal Advice

Should You Work While In School?

Tweet Students who don’t have to work while enrolled in college are in an enviable position as they can concentrate on their academic pursuits without distraction. In this economy not

College Budgeting

5 Ways to Stay Ahead of the College Tuition Curve

Tweet How do you keep up with a 32 percent increase in tuition? Well, you can’t. At least if that hit takes place within one academic year. But that’s the

Campus News

Community College Enrollment At Record Levels

Tweet A tough economy has sent hundreds of thousands of students back to school, people who are seeking new skills to equip them with the tools to succeed in a


Full Payment May Open College Doors

Tweet Payment in full is a term we’re used to hearing when paying for a number of services including car repairs, electrical work, plumbing, and more. When it comes to