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Sweet Briar College: End of the Line

There are very few single gender colleges and universities left in the United States as most now are co-educational.

NCAA Basketball

The Road to the Final Four: Obstacles Abound

Tweet The NCAA Field of 68 has been completed. The first play-in games were played yesterday and the remaining two will be played today. When the dust is settled the

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For-Profit Virginia College Ceases Operations

Tweet Financial irregularities and reapplication rejection shut a Virginia school’s doors. A northern Virginia for-profit school, ACT College, suddenly closed its doors last week, canceling classes as students and faculty

NCAA Football

Simply Crazy: College Football U.S.A.

Tweet This past weekend’s college football action underscored something I have been sensing for some time. FBS level football (formerly Division 1-A) has gone crazy. How so? Judging by a

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College Board Releases Advanced Placement Data

Tweet Quick! Which exam puts the most fear into the hearts of school administrators? If you answered the SAT or ACT you wouldn’t be too far off the mark as

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College Snow Days? Hurrah!

Tweet Missing school is usually a big relief for school age children, but when you’re in college canceling classes can present a problem. That problem has to do with scheduling

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Fired College Football Coaches: Numbers Surge

Tweet College football is big time business at quite a few schools, a cash generator that brings in enough money to fund most of the other money losing athletic programs

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Missing College Students: Where Is Morgan Harrington?

Tweet Update — Police have confirmed that a body recovered on January 26, 2010 in Albemarle County, Virginia is that of Morgan Harrington. Please follow this link for more information.

Online Education

Online Education: Strayer University

Tweet It is becoming increasingly apparent to today’s busy adults that if they want to further their education, then they’ll have to explore creative ways to accomplish their goals. Even

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Randolph Aids Bottom Line By Selling Off Artwork

Tweet If you are under the impression that all colleges have endowments the size of Harvard or even a fraction thereof, you are sadly mistaken. Quite a few colleges and

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Should Co-education Be Reversed At Randolph College?

Tweet In 1891, a private liberal arts college for women opened up in Lynchburg, VA — Randolph-Macon College For Women. For well over a century the school maintained its women