4 Secrets to Building a Strong Friendship

4 Secrets to Building a Strong Friendship
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    College offers countless opportunities for you to make friends, whether with roommates, classmates, or fellow organizational members.


Most of the people you meet at school are the ones that will share a myriad of experiences by your side during the high and low moments in and out of college. Strengthening relationships helps all parties involved grow in numerous ways and build lifelong connections.

Here are four secrets to building a strong friendship that you’ll cherish for a long time.

Personalize Gifts

Personalized gifts hold a lot more meaning compared to generic gifted items. They show that you’ve been attentive and care about the recipient.
Personalized gifts often pay tribute to shared moments, creating tangible memories of your relationship.

A popular and easy-to-personalize gift idea is to give gift baskets. Sending gift baskets, especially ones that accommodate the recipient’s lifestyle, such as gluten-free gift baskets, offers numerous benefits and shows that you care about their health or life decisions.

Plus, free food is always a welcomed present in college.

Maintain Contact

Communication plays a crucial role in maintaining and building relationships. Even if you end up across states or seas, communication can make the distance between you and your friends seem shorter.

Setting routine catchups over breaks and even after college can establish a connection and keep you in the loop of each other’s lives. With technology, it’s easier to stay in touch. There are various contact methods, from social media platforms to video chat applications.

Handwritten letters also provide a form of communication with a more personal touch. Being one another’s penpals is an excellent way to maintain contact, gift personalized goodies, and strengthen your friendship.

Share Experiences

A specific bond emerges between people who share experiences, establishing a special connection that builds foundations for friendships. Shared experiences generate joint memories, positive collective associations, and moments of conjoined growth.

Colleges provide plenty of activities that you and your friends can join, ranging from study abroad programs to sports games. Organizing big trips together also makes for a fun way to create shared experiences. Touring the Eiffel Tower or historic sites in Scotland can be an unforgettable adventure, generating a connection rooted in a specific location.

Create Traditions

Creating recurring events establishes a routine sacred to your friendship. It formulates something only you and your friends share.

From monthly brunches to annual trips and Secret Santa holiday gifting, you can organize various types of traditions to carry out together. The more personal the routine is to you and your friends, the more special it becomes.

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Not only are routines an inner link between you and friends, but they also provide a way to maintain contact and share experiences.

Everything is better when you have a friend by your side. All the great sitcoms prove it. There’s no better time to build strong friendships than in college because numerous people surround you each day.

With these four secrets to building a strong friendship, you can foster meaningful relationships and enhance your life experiences.

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